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Rhinoplasty in Iran

Rhinoplasty in Iran

The Best Rhinoplasty : In order to find the best surgeon for rhinoplasty, one should consider intellectual, ethical, and participation of a specialist. These are some virtues of Dr. Omid Ebrahimi – the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Tehran – that we are mentioning here.





Rhinoplasty is one of the most important and popular cosmetic surgeries that a lot of people are going for daily.

Since rhinoplasty results are permanent and is difficult to change, finding the best surgeon is critical. Therefore, choosing the surgeon is directly linked with receiving the favored outcome.

How to Choose Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

  • Ask friends and family about the specialists they know or have heard about.
  • Prepare a list of specialists and contact their clinics in order to gather more information.
  • Talk to their previous patients regarding their surgical results.
  • Ask their staff about their work ethics
  • Choose one
  • Have some consultation sessions in order to familiarize yourself with the surgeon and surgical technics.
  • Make sure to identify all your adjectives from this cosmetic surgery.

Why is Dr. Omid Ebrahimi One of the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeons in Iran?

High Education and First Grade in National Rating: In 1990, Dr.  Omid Ebrahimi received enrollment in Medical Science University of Tehran and graduated started Otorhinolaryngology at University of Shahid Beheshti Medical Science and graduated with grade one in 2004. Enrolling in variety of Rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery courses is one of his privileges.

High Experience: Another one of his privileges is having done over 5000 cosmetic surgeries until 1396 in his 14 years of cosmetic career. A necessity in rhinoplasty is an experienced specialist and to know the specific technics required for each individual. This saying can be verified by satisfaction of previous patients.

Work Ethics: Other key identifiers of Dr. Omid Ebrahimi are ethics, integrity of works, consideration of a patient’s health one can authenticate characteristics by having a few sessions with Dr. Ebrahimi. He will never put his personal gains before his patients.

In conclusion Dr. Ebrahimi is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran by three E’s; Education, Experience and ethics.

Fleshy Nose Surgery:

Characteristics of Fleshy nose:

  • Thick skin on the tips
  • Visible large pores
  • Thickness in nasal ala
  • Large nostril tips
  • Long length of nasal ala from side view and broad lower parts of nose from front view.

Fleshy nose surgeries are more challenging due to the thickness of the skin and tips. Therefore, not all the specialists can reach the desirable result of each individual.

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi is one of the most experienced and skilled surgeons in Tehran and he was able to deliver desirable outcomes for a high number of patients.

The followings are the pictures of before-after of fleshy nose rhinoplasty done by the best surgeon in Iran – Dr. Omid Ebrahimi.


Rhinoplasty in Iran by Dr.OmidEbrahimi the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran


Bony Nose Surgeries:

Bony nose is a term given to noses with thin skin on lower nasal parts. As the matter of fact the thickness of the skin determines weather you have a fleshy or cartilage nose.

Main Problems of Bony Nose Surgery:

  • Flattening of rhinion
  • Thin skin of the nose

Flattening of rhinion gives a better overall look to a person and improves the nose’ shape. One of the complications accruing for a bony nose is the thinness of their nasal skin that leads to showing of all the flaws of a nose. The specialist must be through and attentive and by using their experience even be a bit psychic in order to be able to identify and eliminate the possibilities of accurrance of flaws in different parts of the nose anatomy. Dr. Omid Ebrahimi is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran with more than a decade practice of bony nose surgeries which makes him one of the most capable and accomplished surgeons in Iran.

The following are before-after pictures of bony nose surgeries done by the Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.

Rhinoplasty in Iran by Dr.OmidEbrahimi the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran


Choosing a Good Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Choosing a good rhinoplasty surgeon that you are confidant in is crucial. One must ask a few questions in the consulting sessions before appointing the surgeon.

  • Cost of the surgery
  • Length of the recovery period
  • Attentions needed before the surgery
  • Needed cares after the surgery
  • Essential resting time
  • Previous experiences of the same type surgeries done by the specialist which includes observing the before after pictures of other similar patients.

How Is the Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon if Tehran?

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi is one of the outstanding surgeons in Tehran and Iran who is operating educational and uniquely with international measures. Specialty, expertise, experience, commitment, ethics and attention to the functioning of the nose and breathing of the patient are a few highlight of his characteristics.

The Best Natural Nose Surgeon in Tehran:

Since nose is of the most important components of a face and is recognized in the first look, balance existence between the nose and the other components of a face carries extreme importance, for instance fantasy nose surgery is not appropriate for men.

Followings are sample pictures of natural nose surgery done by Dr. Omid Ebrahimi.


Rhinoplasty in Iran by Dr.OmidEbrahimi the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran


Fantasy Nose Surgery:

One of the most beloved type of cosmetic surgeries between women is fantasy nose surgery. Although this type of surgery is not suitable for all individuals, for instance for those with a fleshy nose, due to thickness of the skin, changes in the nose won’t appear properly.

Revision Nose/ Secondary Nose Surgery:

If the results of a cosmetic surgery are not desirable or a complication occurs afterwards and would need a secondary surgical procedure, it’s called revision surgery.

In case of appearance of functional problems occur caused by a previous rhinoplasty, the specialist might use ear or costal cartilage in order to resolve the flaws, Dr. Omid Ebrahimi – the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran, was able to achieve high level of satisfaction in restoring the appearance and functional problems of past operations with new principals of cosmetic surgeries.

Attentions Needed Before the Surgery:

  • In case of taking any specific type of medication, inform your doctor in the beginning. Some medications like Asprin, increases blood lost in surgery and brusing after the surgery.
  • Taking Racotan pills must stop at least three months prior to the surgery
  • Shower the night before the operation
  • Shaving is mandatory for men
  • Women must not wear any make up and at least one of the left hang fingers must be without nail polish
  • Eat light the night before the surgery
  • In case of anxiety, you can take sedative pills like Exespam in the three days before the surgery. Take one each night
  • You must be fasting before the operation. Consuming solid food must be stopped prior to the surgical procedure and water for three hours, otherwise there is a possibility of returning stomach contents in your lungs and probably occurrence of panamony symptoms.
  • Have your Identification card, blood test and insurance card with you
  • For patients under 18 years of age, presence of a parent or legal guardian is mandatory to sign the permission for the operation
  • You will receive a call from Dr. Ebrahimi’s assistants to inform you about the time and the place of the operation and to confirm the fasting time and other required actions.
  • Considering the traffic jams in Tehran, make sure you reach the specified clinic on time

Care Needed After Surgery:

In case any of the followings happen, contact your doctor immediately.

  • Bleeding (not ichor)
  • Continuous nausea and puking
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness and confusion
  • Unbearable pain in nose and the areas around
  • Shortness of breath
  • Increase in heart beat
  • Considerable amount of pimples and lumps on the skin

Things to Consider After Rhinoplasty

  • Make sure to lie on your back and head higher than your body
  • Withhold consuming foods with high amount of spices
  • Use ice compact for 12 hours after the operation on your chicks and around your eyes
  • Ichor is normal for three to four days after the procedure and is not worrisome.
  • Change the bandage beneath your nose
  • Avoid using alcohol since it causes widening in blood vessels and increases likelihood of bleeding
  • Certainly sneeze with open mouth
  • Avoid using glasses for four weeks after surgery
  • You can exercise after three weeks. Watch out for any impacts on your nose
  • Withhold empting the insides of your nose. Do not blow your nose.
  • Avoid laughing out bursts and extreme muscle movements in your face
  • Do not swim for a month
  • Use soft toothbrush and brush delicately
  • Bruising and swelling is normal and will improve after two to three days, don’t worry.


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