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The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran : One of the concerns that people face prior to cosmetic nose surgery is choosing the best nose surgeon. For this reason, in this article, we are going to focus on choosing the best nose surgeon.

Purpose of nose surgery:

Nose is a very important and effective part of the face not only because it is in the middle of the face and prominent but also in addition to having a great impact of the nose on beauty, it also plays an important role in the health and breathing.

Nose surgery is performed for two purposes:

Nasal Cosmetic Surgery

The purpose of rhinoplasty or nose cosmetic surgery is to remove the defects of appearance of the nose that affect the beauty of this organ, other components of the face and generally the face.

Obvious defects of the nose include the appearance of the nasal tilt, the presence of hump on the bridge of the nose, the enlargement of the nose, asymmetry of the nostril, direction of tip of the nose to the down, and so on.

Nose Medical Surgery: nose of some people may have problems in time of birth or they may have problems such as polyps, deviation etc. due to different accidents.

All these problems can be resolved by nasal Medical surgery which improves the respiratory function.

Either for nose medical surgery or cosmetic nose surgery, people must choose a skilled nose surgeon in Tehran or the city they reside in. only in this case they may have a successful surgery.

The best nose surgeon in TehranDifference between nose deviation and crooked nose:

Some people make mistake and think that having crooked nose in appearance is similar to deviation. They are no similar and the two are quite different.

Therefore, the cost of a nose deviation surgery, which is a medical procedure will be covered by insurance organization and cost of crooked nose surgery should be covered by the person.

Nasal Deviation Surgery

The nasal septum, which is called septum is crooked in some patients and makes breathing difficult for them. By doing nose deviation correction surgery, we can straight the septum and therefore some patient’s respiratory will be solved.

Crooked nose: Looking at some people we find that their nose is crooked in inappropriate side or right which does not cause them respiratory problems but affects their appearance.

In some patients, the blade and nose appearance has deviation and is crooked at the same time, which can result in cosmetic and medical surgery at the same time.

Choosing the Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran:

  • There are various ways to choose a good nose surgeon, including querying friends or searching Google.
  • After preparing the name of the nose surgeons in Tehran, search about them and visit the best of them.
  • At the consultation session, tell your expectations about cosmetic surgery to the nose surgeon to guide you properly.
  • For more assurance, check out the samples of his / her surgeries.
  • For observing the sample of Dr. Omid Ebrahimi’s work, you can visit his website’s gallery or Instagram page.

The best nose surgeon in TehranFeatures of the best nose surgeon:

  • A good nose surgeon should be patient and spend enough time for examination and consultation of the patient.
  • If the patient has unreasonable expectations about cosmetic nose surgery, the doctor should try to persuade him or her and if the patient is not persuaded, avoid the patient’s nasal surgery.
  • Consider the health of the patient in top priority and do not just think about your personal interests.
  • Have sufficient experience about bony and fleshy nose surgery and be able to recommend the best nasal model based on the patient’s facial anatomy.
  • Be able to visualize the nose after cosmetic nose surgery.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Nose Surgeon:

Choosing a good nose surgeon is important because if one does not choose his or her nose surgeon correctly, they may be dissatisfied with the surgery due to different reasons such as asymmetry of the nose, having too small nose, upward nose, existence of hump of the nose and so on and therefore has to wait up to one year for the wounds healed in primary nasal surgery and then to undergo reconstructive nasal surgery.

It is also worth noting that you should not trust any nose surgeon just for the sake of low cost and research about nose surgeon before surgery.

Good nose surgeon in Tehran

Good nose surgeon in Tehran

Good Nose Surgeon in Tehran: Nose cosmetic Surgery is one of the types of cosmetic surgeries that has many applicants around the world.

Good nose surgeon in Tehran

Desire to beauty and becoming more beautiful has existed between people from past until now and problem in the appearance of the nose makes some of them uncomfortable and causes them to refer to cosmetic surgeons.

Nasal surgery is one of the ways to eliminate the appearance problems of the nose and if it fits well with other facial components, it will make people more beautiful.

Many factors affect the outcome of cosmetic surgery and one of the most important one  is the nose surgeon.

Features a good nose surgeon :

People need to be aware of the characteristics of a good nose surgeon to be able to choose their nose surgeon correctly.

The characteristics of a good nose surgeon include:

  1. Does his best for health and normal functioning of the person’s breathing during nasal surgery.
  2. Is patient and provides information about nose surgery before and after surgery patiently.
  3. If a person does not have the physical and mental conditions to perform a nose surgery, he or she will avoid having a nose surgery.
  4. Has good imaginary power and is able to visualize the form of the nose that is most appropriate to the person’s face.
  5. He/she is fully acquainted with the principles of aesthetics and mathematics.

Good nose surgeon in TehranOutcomes of not choosing a good nose surgeon:

Since nose surgery is not an emergency surgery, so people have enough time to choose a good nose surgeon.

If people are not careful in choosing their nose surgeon and consider incorrect criteria such as cost for choosing the nose surgeon, they may choose a physician for their nose surgery who lacks the necessary experience, expertise and skills.

Lack of experience and skill can result in unsatisfactory results from nasal surgery and in some cases problems such as nasal adhesions and respiratory disorders may happen.

Therefore, nose surgery applicants should carefully choose their nose surgeon and choose the best nose surgeon in their area.

Applications of Nasal Surgery:

  •  Making the nose smaller
  • Removing the nose hump
  • Making the nose bigger
  • Changing the sizes of nostrils
  • Correction of tilting nose
  • Removing nose deviation
  • Fleshy nose surgery
  • Removing the nasal polyp
  • Bony nose surgery
  • Correction of appearance of the nose in natural or fantasy form

Good nose surgeon in TehranProceedings before nasal surgery:

The following tips are effective in making your nose surgery safer, getting the best results and reducing the risk of complications associated with this cosmetic surgery.

  1. The first thing anyone who resident in Tehran should do before a nose surgery is to choose a good nose surgeon in Tehran. Because the nose surgeon has the greatest impact on the success or failure of the nose surgery result.
  2. After choosing a good nose surgeon in Tehran, you should talk very clearly about your expectations from nose surgery during the consultation session that he or she will arrange for you before your nose surgery.
  3. If you are taking certain medicines or in case of having chronic diseases such as lupus and having drug allergies, discuss the issues with your nose surgeon.
  4. Because using tobacco and nicotine-containing drugs in general are effective in lowering blood oxygen levels, it is necessary for people to stop using them for 2 weeks before nasal surgery.
  5. Nose surgeons usually prescribe a series of tests and x-rays to ensure that people are ready for nasal surgery, as well as determining the best form of nose for them, and they are required to perform them promptly and deliver them to a physician quickly.
  6. Avoid taking medicines such as aspirin that may dilate the blood for 14 days before the procedure, which may cause bleeding during nose surgery.
  7. Identify the location of the clinic prior to referral for nasal surgery so that you do not arrive late on the scheduled day.

Good nose surgeon in TehranCares after nasal surgery:

  1. After the nose surgery and due to the measures taken to eliminate the defects in the nose, some swelling and bruising occurs in nose which is quite normal.
  2. Apply cold compresses on the nose and swelled in the first three days and use warm compresses for the next three days.
  3. Sleep in supine position and by putting a few pillows below your head, keep it in upper position than your body.
  4. Don’t eat hard, spicy and salty foods.
  5. Enrich your diet with fiber-rich foods and use shrimp and fish to a large extent.
  6. If you feel pain, use only painkillers prescribed by your doctor.

Nose Surgery in Tehran

Nose Surgery in Tehran

Nose Surgery in Tehran: Rhinoplasty or Nasal Cosmetic Surgery aims at removing the nasal appearance defects as well as correcting the respiratory problems and has many fans among men and women.

It is natural that there are always questions for people who are planning a nasal cosmetic surgery:

  1. What are the characteristics of the best nose surgeon?
  2. Howmuch is the price of nose surgery in Tehran?
  3. How to choose the best nose surgeon?

One of the most important procedures before nose surgery is choosing the best nose surgeon, as it will ultimately have a great impact.

Nose Surgery in TehranDifferent types of nose surgery:

Different types of surgical procedures include open nose surgery and closed nose surgery.

This is an invasive procedure in which a 2 mm incision is made in the Columella area and after the skin is removed from the nasal tissue the necessary changes are made.

Most nose surgeons prioritize this procedure because of the complete supervision to the nose.

Closed Nasal Surgery:

In this method, the incisions will be made inside the nostrils and the skin of the nose will be separated from the nose by a special device.

Closed nose surgery is only suitable for people whose nose especially at the tip has no particular problem. This is a second priority because of the surgeon’s limited vision.

Choosing the type of nasal surgery procedure is up to the nose surgeon.

Different types of nose:

Bony nose:

The bony Nose  have thin skin, and their nasal skeletons are firm. This type of nose is the most ideal nose and most people with bony nose feel satisfied with the outcome of their surgery.

Fleshy nose:

The fleshy noses have thick skin and their structure and the bones are weak, so the most appropriate type of nose surgery for people with fleshy nose is natural nose surgery.

Nose Surgery in TehranDifferent types of nose form after surgery:

  • After surgery The nose can be formed in the following three forms:
  • Natural nose: This form has no arch and only if it is requested by patient, the surgeon will create a very slight arch on the bridge.
  • In natural nasal surgery, the nose will not be so small and snub and the angle between the upper lip and the tip of the nose after surgery will be 90 to 95 degrees.
  • It should be said that the primary purpose of nasal surgery in this form is to resolve the appearance nasal problems in the most natural way.
  • Fantasy Nose: In nasal surgery in fantasy from, the nose is  snub and an arch is created on the bridge of the nose, and the size of the nose is almost reduced.
  • The angle between the lip and the tip of the nose will be about 100 to 105 degrees after fantasy nose surgery.
  • Semi-fantasy  nose: This form of the nose is something between natural and fantasy nose and is a combination of features of these two forms of nose.

Which is the best form of the nose for me:

Some  of the most common questions of people who are going to have nose surgery in  Tehran and refer to Dr. Omid Ebrahimi are:

  1. Which is the best nasal form for us?
  2. How to choose the best nasal form?

It should be said that many factors are important in determining the shape of the nose:

Type of nose: Determining the shape of the nose largely depends on its type so that if one has fleshy  nose it is not possible to choose a fantasy nose shape because the structural features of the nose will not allow the nose surgeon to make changes such as snubbing and it is not related to the  nose surgeon proficiency.

A person with a bony nose can choose one of three forms including  natural, fantasy and semi-fantasy based on the factors mentioned below.

Gender: As the fantasy and semi-fantasy nose shape do not fit with the facial features of the men and diminishes their attraction, it is better to choose a natural nose shape.

Nose Surgery in Tehran

However, women do not have a gender-restricted choice of nose shape.

  • Facial features of each person
  • People’s tastes

It is advisable for people to talk to their nose surgeon about their tastes and trust to the surgeon in choosing the nose form.

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi, one of the best nose surgeons in Tehran with great experience in surgery of different types of noses and with a mastery of mathematical and aesthetic principles, will consider the best nasal form based on the taste of the patient.

The cost of nasal surgery in Tehran:

The cost of nose surgery varies depending on the extent of the nasal defects as well as the costs such as the surgeon’s salary for each person.

Is fleshy nose surgery more difficult

Is fleshy nose surgery more difficult ?

Is fleshy nose surgery more difficult ? If you are thinking about nose surgery and have researched about if you have asked the people who have done it, you probably know the term fleshy and bony.

Many beliefs are common among people including: more difficulty of fleshy noses surgeries, returning to the first form of the nose and poor result of fleshy noses in comparison with bony noses.

Here we make you more familiar with nose surgery.

Definition of fleshy nose surgery:

The fleshy noses, unlike its name, do not have much meat or muscle but has the following characteristics:

Thick and oily skin, clear pores of the skin, wide tip of the nose, high thickness of nose blades, high width of lower part of the nose, high height of blade of nose, weakness of nasal cartilage.

Is fleshy nose surgery more difficult

 Taken together, these features make the nose large and wide, and aesthetic features such as the parallel lines of the back of the nose, the beauty lines of the blades of the nose, and the narrow and distinctive shape of the nose are not evident.

In many of these people, the width of bony base of the nose is more than normal.

Of course everyone with a wide nose tip is not in the group of the fleshy type.

In some people, the wide tip of the nose is due to the wide and strong cartilage and these people have soft skin unlike fleshy noses and therefore the result of nose cosmetic surgery is better for them.

Nasal Cosmetic Surgery Methods:

In fleshy noses, the main goal is to narrow the lower half of the nose as far as possible and to form the tip and blades of the nose

To accomplish this, the nasal cartilage structure is strengthened by applying the same person’s nasal middle cartilage to create a narrower nose by applying pressure on its thick, oily skin.

In these types of noses, taking much part of the cartilage and bone of the nose is prevented as possible and they will be removed  only if there is a hump in the nose.

Softening the thick skin for these people  shall be done in special cases and moderately  due to  irreversible complications and lasting skin damage.

Cares after nose surgery:

Using plaster after surgery for a month or two can prevent the formation of repaired skin beneath thicker skin and give a better long-term result.

In some patients, a corticosteroid ampoule is injected subcutaneously in the upper part of the nasal tip to reduce the thickness of the nasal skin.

The injection shall be done by the surgeon and repetition of the injection may be needed.

However, because of the possibility of over-thinning of the skin following subcutaneous corticosteroid injection, the infusion of the solution should be diluted and minimally performed by a skilled nasal surgeon.

Result of nose surgery

Proper surgical procedures and adequate strengthening of the nasal cartilage skeleton can in many cases lead to a significant improvement in the appearance of bony and fleshy noses.

Nose narrowing from the opposite side, removing nose hump, resolving nasal tip drop, and nasal tip formation and narrowing can be achieved in many cases.

Of course, it should be emphasized that narrowing and beauty of the fleshy nose shall be the same as bony noses and the owners of these noses should not expect a small fantasy nose.

Is the fleshy nose surgery reversible and is it more difficult to have surgery on fleshy noses?

Certainly, if the nose is under surgery correctly and by the best surgeon of the fleshy nose, it will never return to its original form, and improvement of its appearance will be permanent.

Due to the high thickness of the skin, swelling of these noses are more after surgery and it takes longer and they have to wait 1.5 to 2 years for the final result.

Is surgery of fleshy noses more difficult?

People who have a fleshy nose need to use plaster one to two months after surgery and may need corticosteroid injections one or more times.

They also have a longer period for swelling recovery than bony noses.

Except for the cases mentioned, there is no more difficulty and involvement than bony noses and people who are under surgery by Dr. Omid Ebrahimi can return to their work and daily activities at most after one week.


If you would like to have cosmetic surgery, consult a qualified and honest nose surgeon.

After examining and knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your nose, as well as seeing the results of surgeries performed on people like you, decide on the procedure.

Remember, significant improvement can be achieved in many fleshy noses, but don’t expect a miracle to create a very small, fancy nose.