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Bony Nose Surgeries

Bony Nose Surgeries:

Bony nose is a term given to noses with thin skin on lower nasal parts. As the matter of fact the thickness of the skin determines weather you have a fleshy or cartilage nose.

Main Problems of Bony Nose Surgery:

  • Flattening of rhinion
  • Thin skin of the nose

Flattening of rhinion gives a better overall look to a person and improves the nose’ shape. One of the complications accruing for a bony nose is the thinness of their nasal skin that leads to showing of all the flaws of a nose. The specialist must be through and attentive and by using their experience even be a bit psychic in order to be able to identify and eliminate the possibilities of accurrance of flaws in different parts of the nose anatomy.

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi is the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran with more than a decade practice of bony nose surgeries which makes him one of the most capable and accomplished surgeons in Iran.

The following are before-after pictures of bony nose surgeries done by the Best rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.

Bony nose surgery by Dr Omid Ebrahimi

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