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Revision Nose Surgery in Iran

Revision Nose Surgery in Iran

Revision Nose Surgery in Iran : Like any other cosmetic surgeries, there is a possibility of receiving an unappealing results or occurrence of some troubles in rhinoplasty as well.

Which leads to a Secondary or Revision Nose Surgery in Iran. As Iran is named the nose job capital of the world, this page gives you information about this type of rhinoplasty and shows some of the successful surgeries that or done by Dr. Omid Ebrahimi the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran.

Revision Nose Surgery in Iran by Dr.OmidEbrahimi


The chance of needing a secondary surgery is between 5 to 10% in rhinoplasty. If the right technic is chosen and the specialist is skilled enough, there won’t be a need of a secondary surgery unless for minor appearance improvements.

Occurrence of appearance and functional problems of the nose after a rhinoplasty is usually due to ignoring the necessities of a correct surgery.

Basic revision nose surgeries can be done with a simple local anesthesia in the specialists’ clinic and in case of serious problems, is done with surgical procedure and full anesthetics.

In case the either appearance or functional problems are considerably high, the surgeon can use ear or costal cartilage in order to fix the previous mistakes. Now a day with modern technics, most of the problems in appearances and functioning of a nose can fixed and the satisfaction of patients is reachable.

What Is a Revision Nose Surgery?

As was mentioned before, some patients won’t receive the satisfactory results after their surgery and recovery period due to different reasons. In some case it could be appearance, functional problems or a tilt in a nose.

In these cases, the patients need to do another surgery which is called Secondary or Revision Nose Surgery.

The Best Revision Surgeon in Tehran

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi is one of the most experienced surgeons who has a reputation of being among the best for revision nose surgery.

Patients who are considering secondary nose surgeries can refer to Dr. Omid Ebrahimi’s clinic for examination and reassurance about their secondary surgeries.

Dr. Ebrahimi will confirm the need for a secondary surgery after examining the problems in the nasal area.

Revision Nose Surgery in Iran by Dr.OmidEbrahimi

You can contact the numbers provided in the website for consultation.

Important Tips for Before and After a Revision Nose Surgery:

The points included below will result to a better outcome of the revision nose surgery.

  • At least one year must be passed after the primary surgery.
  • Decide whether a revision nose surgery is needed, if there are still problems after one year.
  • Pay attention in choosing your specialist.
  • Appoint a surgeon who is skilled and experienced in secondary surgeries.
  • Consult with your chosen specialist for the necessity of a secondary surgery.
  • Avoid busy places until a full recovery.
  • Try to rest fully in the first few days.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Keep your head above your body while resting
  • In case of having pain in your facial areas, use the prescribed pain-killers by your doctor.

Cost of Revision Nose Surgery.

The cost of this kind of surgery depends on the problems occurred after the primary surgery which will be discussed in the consulting sessions.

Satisfactory comments from patients who have done revision nose surgery with Dr. Omid Ebrahimi.