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Attentions Needed Before the Surgery

Attentions Needed Before the Surgery:

  • In case of taking any specific type of medication, inform your doctor in the beginning. Some medications like Asprin, increases blood lost in surgery and brusing after the surgery.
  • Taking Racotan pills must stop at least three months prior to the surgery
  • Shower the night before the operation
  • Shaving is mandatory for men
  • Women must not wear any make up and at least one of the left hang fingers must be without nail polish
  • Eat light the night before the surgery
  • In case of anxiety, you can take sedative pills like Exespam in the three days before the surgery. Take one each night
  • You must be fasting before the operation. Consuming solid food must be stopped prior to the surgical procedure and water for three hours, otherwise there is a possibility of returning stomach contents in your lungs and probably occurrence of panamony symptoms.
  • Have your Identification card, blood test and insurance card with you
  • For patients under 18 years of age, presence of a parent or legal guardian is mandatory to sign the permission for the operation
  • You will receive a call from Dr. Ebrahimi’s assistants to inform you about the time and the place of the operation and to confirm the fasting time and other required actions.
  • Considering the traffic jams in Tehran, make sure you reach the specified clinic on time.

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