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Nasal Surgery in Tehran

Nasal Surgery in Tehran

Nasal Surgery in Tehran : The people who live in Tehran and intend to have nasal surgery are recommended to read this article to acquire information.

One of the most important procedures in nasal surgery in Tehran or any other city is choosing the best nasal surgeon.

Since nasal surgery is not an emergency, then one has enough time to choose the best nasal surgeon in Tehran.

To get more information about choosing nasal surgeon and its particulars, you can read the article of nasal surgeon.

Nasal Surgery in Tehran

Nose cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed on both bony and fleshy noses.

  1. Bony nose is a type of nose with thin skin and tight skeleton. Those with this type of nose can choose a natural or fantasy nose model in bony nose surgery and get the best results.
  2. But a fleshy nose is a type of nose with a round trip, thick skin and weak skeleton. Those with this type of nose are better to choose natural nose model in fleshy nose surgery to get the best results.

Nasal Surgery in Tehran

Different types of Nasal Surgery Methods:

Nose Cosmetic Surgery is performed in two open and close methods:

In open nose surgery, a small incision is made on the columella to remove the skin from the nasal skeleton and apply the changes required by the nose surgeon to the nose.

But in close nose surgery, no incision is made on the nose and all the incisions are performed inside the nose.

In the nasal surgery, note   to trust the nose surgeon to choose surgery procedure for the nose cosmetic surgery so that he can choose the best one according to his skill.

Laser nose surgery

Today, we see a lot of advertisements about reshaping nose without surgery and with laser which has not yet developed enough to make any changes to the nasal skeleton.

Laser only makes the nose skin clear and transparent.

Applications of Nasal Surgery

  • To make the nose smaller
  • To make the nose bigger
  • To change the sizes of nostrils
  • To correct nose deviation
  • To correct nose hump
  • To remove nasal polyp
  • To remove nose deviation

Surgery of Bony noses

To correct appearance of the nose in the form of Natural or fantasy

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Nasal Surgery in Tehran

How much does the nasal surgery cost in Tehran?

The price of nasal surgery in Tehran is determined by the skill and experience of the nose surgeon, the cost of the hospital and the anesthesiologist, the cost of tests and medications, and so on.

Preoperative procedures before Nasal Surgery:

People who are applying for nose surgery should pay special attention to some essential points before surgery.

Preoperative procedures before nose surgery include:

One of the most important and vital pre-surgical procedures is the selection of experienced and skilled surgeon who has recorded successful results in his/ her careers, as the outcome of nasal surgery is directly related to the selection of qualified and experienced surgeons.

Therefore, if you do not choose a good nose surgeon, you may have problems with the appearance of the nose and nasal function and may have to undergo nasal reconstructive surgery.

Even in some cases, these complications may be so severe that they cannot be corrected by nasal reconstruction surgery and endanger one’s health and beauty.

Other measures to consider before nose surgery are cigarette smoking, as it reduces oxygen supply to the bloodstream and causes respiratory disturbances during surgery.

It is therefore recommended that smokers quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to nasal surgery.

Other procedures before nasal surgery:

  • Drugs such as Brufen and painkillers are also banned for up to two weeks before surgery to impair blood coagulation.
  • Patients should eat a light meal from the night before surgery and eat and drink no more than 8 hours before surgery.
  • People should fast on the day of surgery and have an empty stomach during surgery, as gastric contents may be returned to the respiratory tract and may pose a risk if the stomach is filled during surgery.
  • People should perform all the necessary tests that the surgeon prescribes.
  • Women should tell their doctor if they are pregnant, although the surgeon also recommends a pregnancy test before surgery for nasal surgery.
  • In some cases, procedures such as CT scans prior to nasal surgery may be helpful in detecting lesions in the nose.
  • Some herbal remedies, fish oil and vitamin E, may increase the risk of bleeding, so people should stop taking it at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Nose surgery applicant should come to the surgery site with one or at most two people on the day of surgery.
  • Patients are advised to wear a loose-fitting dress with button or zipper on the day of surgery so that they do not have trouble wearing clothes after the surgery.

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