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The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran

The best nose surgeon in Tehran : One of the concerns that people face prior to cosmetic nose surgery is choosing the best nose surgeon. For this reason, in this article, we are going to focus on choosing the best nose surgeon.

Purpose of nose surgery:

Nose is a very important and effective part of the face not only because it is in the middle of the face and prominent but also in addition to having a great impact of the nose on beauty, it also plays an important role in the health and breathing.

Nose surgery is performed for two purposes:

Nasal Cosmetic Surgery

The purpose of rhinoplasty or nose cosmetic surgery is to remove the defects of appearance of the nose that affect the beauty of this organ, other components of the face and generally the face.

Obvious defects of the nose include the appearance of the nasal tilt, the presence of hump on the bridge of the nose, the enlargement of the nose, asymmetry of the nostril, direction of tip of the nose to the down, and so on.

Nose Medical Surgery: nose of some people may have problems in time of birth or they may have problems such as polyps, deviation etc. due to different accidents.

All these problems can be resolved by nasal Medical surgery which improves the respiratory function.

Either for nose medical surgery or cosmetic nose surgery, people must choose a skilled nose surgeon in Tehran or the city they reside in. only in this case they may have a successful surgery.

The best nose surgeon in TehranDifference between nose deviation and crooked nose:

Some people make mistake and think that having crooked nose in appearance is similar to deviation. They are no similar and the two are quite different.

Therefore, the cost of a nose deviation surgery, which is a medical procedure will be covered by insurance organization and cost of crooked nose surgery should be covered by the person.

Nasal Deviation Surgery

The nasal septum, which is called septum is crooked in some patients and makes breathing difficult for them. By doing nose deviation correction surgery, we can straight the septum and therefore some patient’s respiratory will be solved.

Crooked nose: Looking at some people we find that their nose is crooked in inappropriate side or right which does not cause them respiratory problems but affects their appearance.

In some patients, the blade and nose appearance has deviation and is crooked at the same time, which can result in cosmetic and medical surgery at the same time.

Choosing the Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran:

  • There are various ways to choose a good nose surgeon, including querying friends or searching Google.
  • After preparing the name of the nose surgeons in Tehran, search about them and visit the best of them.
  • At the consultation session, tell your expectations about cosmetic surgery to the nose surgeon to guide you properly.
  • For more assurance, check out the samples of his / her surgeries.
  • For observing the sample of Dr. Omid Ebrahimi’s work, you can visit his website’s gallery or Instagram page.

The best nose surgeon in TehranFeatures of the best nose surgeon:

  • A good nose surgeon should be patient and spend enough time for examination and consultation of the patient.
  • If the patient has unreasonable expectations about cosmetic nose surgery, the doctor should try to persuade him or her and if the patient is not persuaded, avoid the patient’s nasal surgery.
  • Consider the health of the patient in top priority and do not just think about your personal interests.
  • Have sufficient experience about bony and fleshy nose surgery and be able to recommend the best nasal model based on the patient’s facial anatomy.
  • Be able to visualize the nose after cosmetic nose surgery.

The Importance of Choosing a Good Nose Surgeon:

Choosing a good nose surgeon is important because if one does not choose his or her nose surgeon correctly, they may be dissatisfied with the surgery due to different reasons such as asymmetry of the nose, having too small nose, upward nose, existence of hump of the nose and so on and therefore has to wait up to one year for the wounds healed in primary nasal surgery and then to undergo reconstructive nasal surgery.

It is also worth noting that you should not trust any nose surgeon just for the sake of low cost and research about nose surgeon before surgery.

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