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Nose Surgery in Tehran

Nose Surgery in Tehran

Nose Surgery in Tehran: Rhinoplasty or Nasal Cosmetic Surgery aims at removing the nasal appearance defects as well as correcting the respiratory problems and has many fans among men and women.

It is natural that there are always questions for people who are planning a nasal cosmetic surgery:

  1. What are the characteristics of the best nose surgeon?
  2. Howmuch is the price of nose surgery in Tehran?
  3. How to choose the best nose surgeon?

One of the most important procedures before nose surgery is choosing the best nose surgeon, as it will ultimately have a great impact.

Nose Surgery in TehranDifferent types of nose surgery:

Different types of surgical procedures include open nose surgery and closed nose surgery.

This is an invasive procedure in which a 2 mm incision is made in the Columella area and after the skin is removed from the nasal tissue the necessary changes are made.

Most nose surgeons prioritize this procedure because of the complete supervision to the nose.

Closed Nasal Surgery:

In this method, the incisions will be made inside the nostrils and the skin of the nose will be separated from the nose by a special device.

Closed nose surgery is only suitable for people whose nose especially at the tip has no particular problem. This is a second priority because of the surgeon’s limited vision.

Choosing the type of nasal surgery procedure is up to the nose surgeon.

Different types of nose:

Bony nose:

The bony Nose  have thin skin, and their nasal skeletons are firm. This type of nose is the most ideal nose and most people with bony nose feel satisfied with the outcome of their surgery.

Fleshy nose:

The fleshy noses have thick skin and their structure and the bones are weak, so the most appropriate type of nose surgery for people with fleshy nose is natural nose surgery.

Nose Surgery in TehranDifferent types of nose form after surgery:

  • After surgery The nose can be formed in the following three forms:
  • Natural nose: This form has no arch and only if it is requested by patient, the surgeon will create a very slight arch on the bridge.
  • In natural nasal surgery, the nose will not be so small and snub and the angle between the upper lip and the tip of the nose after surgery will be 90 to 95 degrees.
  • It should be said that the primary purpose of nasal surgery in this form is to resolve the appearance nasal problems in the most natural way.
  • Fantasy Nose: In nasal surgery in fantasy from, the nose is  snub and an arch is created on the bridge of the nose, and the size of the nose is almost reduced.
  • The angle between the lip and the tip of the nose will be about 100 to 105 degrees after fantasy nose surgery.
  • Semi-fantasy  nose: This form of the nose is something between natural and fantasy nose and is a combination of features of these two forms of nose.

Which is the best form of the nose for me:

Some  of the most common questions of people who are going to have nose surgery in  Tehran and refer to Dr. Omid Ebrahimi are:

  1. Which is the best nasal form for us?
  2. How to choose the best nasal form?

It should be said that many factors are important in determining the shape of the nose:

Type of nose: Determining the shape of the nose largely depends on its type so that if one has fleshy  nose it is not possible to choose a fantasy nose shape because the structural features of the nose will not allow the nose surgeon to make changes such as snubbing and it is not related to the  nose surgeon proficiency.

A person with a bony nose can choose one of three forms including  natural, fantasy and semi-fantasy based on the factors mentioned below.

Gender: As the fantasy and semi-fantasy nose shape do not fit with the facial features of the men and diminishes their attraction, it is better to choose a natural nose shape.

Nose Surgery in Tehran

However, women do not have a gender-restricted choice of nose shape.

  • Facial features of each person
  • People’s tastes

It is advisable for people to talk to their nose surgeon about their tastes and trust to the surgeon in choosing the nose form.

Dr. Omid Ebrahimi, one of the best nose surgeons in Tehran with great experience in surgery of different types of noses and with a mastery of mathematical and aesthetic principles, will consider the best nasal form based on the taste of the patient.

The cost of nasal surgery in Tehran:

The cost of nose surgery varies depending on the extent of the nasal defects as well as the costs such as the surgeon’s salary for each person.

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